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Welcome to the Czech Republic's Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Society (OCAS)

About us

OCAS is a platform for connecting Oxbridge alumni living in the Czech Republic which also provides advice to those wishing to study at one of the two universities. Our main focus is on social and networking events, with charitable and educational ventures from time to time.

We organise two big annual events (the Christmas and Summer parties) and a handful of smaller events (discsussions, lectures, etc.) each year. All members are welcome to attend these events, as are their partners and friends (study at Oxbridge is not a requirement for attendance).

We have approximately 50 members, who are graduates of Oxford or Cambridge, and represent a broad mix of subjects, ages and interests.

The Society is a registered non-profit organisation, governed by a 7 member Committee elected by the members every two years. Two of the Committee members act as primary contacts at Oxford and Cambridge.


Christmas Party



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Disscusion Evening




Membership of OCAS is open to all present and past students and academic staff of either Oxford or Cambridge University. To become a member, send a short email to secretary@oxbridge.cz, stating your name, college and year of matriculation (or years of work) and degree awarded. New members are accepted subject to approval by the Society’s Committee; the membership fee is CZK 1000 for two years or CZK 5000 for lifelong membership.

Are you interested in studying at Oxford or Cambridge?

Our members come from all walks of life but all have spent time at Oxford or Cambridge and can advise you on how to apply, which college to choose, how to prepare for your admissions interview, and plenty more. To get help, just send the Society’s president an email with your questions and a little about you, and we will try to put you in touch with someone who can advise you.

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